FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Swingers are individuals who are in relationships, but they do not engage in monogamous sexual encounters. They can take part in all aspects of sexual intercourse with other individuals, of course with the consent of their partners. As a matter of fact, swinging is even considered a lifestyle.

The swinging lifestyle primarily revolves around all of the activities that are carried out in swinging. From flirting to dating, sexual interaction and even kissing, all of these activities are allowed. Swingers can even go out, hang out together and got o adult vacations together.

When you attend a swingers’ party, you can expect to have as much fun as you can enjoying one another’s company. You are able to mingle and mix with anyone that you wish and make sure that by the end of it all, you have an awesome time.

There are no written rules in swinging especially since it most often depends on what you and your partners allow one another to do. However, it is always a good thing to respect one another in the swinging community. When you make advances at someone and they say no, respect their wishes.

In as much as a lot of the swingers normally are married people, this is not always necessary. You can bring your date along to a swingers’ event or join the network with them, your boyfriend or girlfriend, as long as they are okay with what they are getting into.

In most cases swingers tend to be mature individuals at least more than 30 years. You can expect to find older swingers in the community, but normally you have to be at least 21 to be accepted in a swinging community.

Every other couple has their own rules of engagement when it comes to swinging. Because of this you can be only do something that you are pretty sure will not offend your partner. If your partner does not feel like swapping, perhaps you can do it some other time. Remember, no means no, even for your partner.

Swinging is normally allowed for couples only because of the commitment that they have to one another, and also because they both understand why they are swinging. However, in some special circumstances, single persons can be allowed too.

There is no pressure on anyone to do anything that they are not feeling comfortable with. Voyeurism is also allowed in swinging as long as it is comfortable with you, and your partner feels equally comfortable.

Swinging is a confidential affair. All swinging communities abide by pretty much the same code of conduct, utmost secrecy. No details of another individual are ever released outside the community, and one can be expelled from the community if they do anything contrary to what is expected of them.

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